The SUP Winder is a fin that you can attach to the bottom of your stand-up paddleboard (SUP) to transform it into a wingboarding-ready board. The device consist of a glue-on base plate and removable fin. It’s a game-changer for anyone itching to try wingboarding without splurging on a full foil setup.

The idea behind the SUP Winder lies in its use of the centerboard concept from windsurfing. Normally, when you try wingboarding on a standard SUP, you’ll notice it’s hard to maintain a straight path and easy to drift off course. The SUP Winder fixes that, making it a sort of beginner’s aid for wingboarding, helping you to steer upwind even in the gentlest of breezes.

Fitting it onto your board is a breeze – it comes with a sizeable stick-on patch, and the fin is a cinch to take off with a simple thumb screw. When you’re not using the SUP Winder, the board will have some extra drag because of the mounting plate, but it’s hardly an issue for just chilling and paddling around. Just a heads up, without the central fin, it’s not the best for surfing, but for paddling in calm waters, it’s more than adequate.

The best part? It’s like having a wingboarding mentor. It adds the necessary stability for you to practice and perfect going upwind. Before this gadget came along, teaching wingboarding on a standard SUP was a bit of a hassle, mainly due to the lack of stability and the challenge of moving upwind.

So, here’s the deal: If you’ve got a neglected paddleboard and are curious about wingboarding, the SUP is great beginner approach and SUP Winder is your ticket to an affordable and effective start. It’s the perfect stepping stone to mastering wingboarding, and from there, you can easily graduate to a foil board.

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