SabFoil Leviathan 1350 2023 Hydrofoil Wing

Released: 2023
Manufactured by: SabFoil

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Expert reviews
"Exceptional glide, versatility, and stability in light winds, though it's less agile than smaller foils and requires skill to fully harness its potential..."

Suitable for:

This foil is great for pump gliding and low wind conditions

Wing specification:

Aspect ratio:
1850 cm2
286.7 in2
1350 mm
53.1 in
Average chord:
138.5 mm
170 mm
6.7 in
2423 cm3
147.8 in3
1560 gr.
3.43 lbs
Rider level:
beginner, intermediate, advanced

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Expert reviews of SabFoil Leviathan 1350 2023 Hydrofoil Wing

Damien LeRoy

Damien LeRoy is enthusiastic about the SabFoil Leviathan 1350, especially for light wind winging. He praises its exceptional glide and effortless pumping capabilities, making it a standout choice for both flower water pumping and winging. With an almost 10 aspect ratio and over 1800 square centimeters surface area, he finds it to be the perfect size for excellent glide and lift, yet manageable for turning. He contrasts it with the larger Leviathan 1750, noting the 1350’s better balance between size and maneuverability, making it his preferred choice for various conditions, including light wind. Damien also highlights the foil’s stability and its ability to glide through small pumps effortlessly, making it his favorite for summer days and a wide range of activities.


  • The foil offers an incredible glide and effortless pumping
  • It’s versatile and performs well in both pumping and winging activities.
  • Strikes the right balance between size, glide, and lift.
  • Despite its size, it’s still manageable to turn, offering a good balance of performance and control.
  • Stability: The foil is noted for its stability, which is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable ride.
  • Efficient in Light Winds: It performs exceptionally well in light wind conditions, allowing for prolonged sessions.


  • Less maneuverable than smaller foils
  • Needs some skill especially in terms of balancing glide and maneuverability.