AXIS ART 699 2022 Hydrofoil Wing

Released: 2022
Manufactured by: AXIS

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"The AXIS ART hydrofoil series offers a unique blend of high performance and user-friendliness with its reduced chord, high-aspect wings, delivering excellent speed, glide, low stall speed, and effortless pumping..."

Suitable for:

This hydrofoil wing is versatile and well-suited for a range of activities, including winging, downwinding, surfing, and pump foiling.

Wing specification:

Aspect ratio:
556 cm2
86.18 in2
699 mm
27.52 in
Average chord:
77.6 mm
100 mm
3.92 in
412 cm3
25.1 in3
1200 gr.
2.64 lbs
Rider level:
immediate, advanced

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Expert reviews of AXIS ART 699 2022 Hydrofoil Wing

Oscar Foil

Oskar Foil reviews the Axis Foils ART699. Overall, he is very impressed with the wing, finding it to be fast, efficient, and stable. He also likes that it is easy to pump and has a lot of glide. His only two criticisms are that it is a bit twitchy in the roll axis and that he would recommend using a longer mast with it.


  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Stable
  • Easy to pump
  • Lots of glide


  • Twitchy in the roll axis
  • Requires a longer mast

Bertrand from Glassy Surf Shop

Bertrand from Glassy Surf Shop in Morlaix, Finistère, reviews the Axis ART hydrofoil range. He has used the ART 999 model for over a year, appreciating its versatility and strong gliding performance. Bertrand also mentions using the RT 899 model in stronger winds, noting its efficient gliding and pumping. He highlights the latest addition, the ART 699, with a different wing profile, suitable for towing with jet skis in big waves. The 699 performs well in waves, turns quickly, and is fast. However, it saturates at higher speeds. Despite this, it excels in choppy conditions and tight turns. An advantage of the smaller 699 wing is the ability to use cheaper aluminum masts instead of more expensive carbon ones. Bertrand has largely replaced the 899 model with the 699 for its superior performance.


  • ART 699 excels in wave riding, quick turns, and speed.
  • 699 is effective in choppy conditions and responsive in tight turns.
  • 699 allows for the use of less expensive aluminum masts.


  • ART 699 saturates at higher speeds.
  • The 699 is less efficient on flat water compared to the ART 999.
  • Specific use cases for each model may require multiple purchases for varied conditions.