Armstrong DWP755 2022 Hydrofoil Wing

Released: 2022
Manufactured by: Armstrong

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Expert reviews
"The Armstrong DW755 combines advanced hydrodynamics and technology for ultimate speed and glide, specifically designed for expert downwind racing."

Suitable for:

Optimized for speed and efficiency in open ocean conditions, making them ideal for downwind riding.

Wing specification:

Aspect ratio:
755 cm2
117 in2
1000 mm
39.37 in
Average chord:
77 mm
N/A mm
N/A in
N/A cm3
N/A in3
N/A gr.
N/A lbs
Rider level:
immediate, advanced

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Expert reviews of Armstrong DWP755 2022 Hydrofoil Wing

Oscar Foil

Oscar Foil praises the new Armstrong downwind performance foils, highlighting their unique design for downwinding and speed in open ocean conditions. He appreciates their even foot pressure at high speeds, wide speed range, and efficient gliding ability from wave to wave with less energy required.


  • Optimized for speed and efficiency in open ocean conditions
  • Maintains consistent front and back foot pressure regardless of speed
  • Easy takeoff
  • High gliding and efficiency.
  • Requires less energy to ride downwind
  • Versatility in Wind Conditions


  • Specifically tailored for downwinding, not designed to replace current HA models.
  • Less easy to control and turn
  • Not as agile as the HA foils
  • Mainly beneficial for experienced riders
  • Not be as versatile for other styles of riding, like winging, compared to other models.