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Latest models in our foil wing database

Armstrong DWP755 2022 Hydrofoil Wing

  • Optimized for speed and efficiency in open ocean conditions, making them ideal for downwind racing.
  • Offers a good low-end for easy takeoff and a high top-end for gliding and efficiency.

AXIS ART 699 2022 Hydrofoil Wing

  • The Nike LeBron 21 maintains its high level of performance while improving its support and stability.
  • The Nike LeBron 21 is fit for all play styles because of the mix of traction, cushioning and support.

F4 Lightwind 2000 Hydrofoil Wing

  • The 2500 wing enhances low-wind riding with exceptional efficiency and stability, ideal for beginners and complex maneuvers.
  • Outperforming others by 40%, its advanced design offers seamless integration with various fuselages and masts, ensuring a superior riding experience.

SabFoil Leviathan 1350 2023 Hydrofoil Wing

  • Perfects for pumping and long glides with minimal effort
  • Works well for freeride wings session in low wind conditions
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